Off-Grid Solutions

Experts in Off-Grid Solar Solutions

No Grid? No worries. With standalone- alone solar solutions from us, you can always have access to electricity and power-up for your lights, fans, pumps and air-conditioning.

Energy Efficiency with Renewable Energy

For new off-grid sites, we will be able to give total solutions in designing energy efficient building & appliances to pair with your renewable energy system.

Special Application

Solar Street Lighting
Light up your garden, parks and roads without running costly cables

Solar Water Pumps
Our solar water pump solution provides drinkable water to many rural villages.

Diesel Saver
Using diesel to generate electricity? Find out how you can reduce your diesel consumption with solar.

Benefits of Stand Alone Solar Solutions

  • Reliable electricity supply during day or night even without grid access
  • Complete independence from external energy supply and self sustaining
  • Combination of different energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro.

  • Your system can be expanded on a modular basis and complemented by storage at any time
  • Our experts support you, from planning to commissioning the system
  • Reducing carbon footprint while bringing development to rural regions

Rural and stand-alone grids up to 300kW

Reliable energy supply in off-grid regions

 Off-grid systems from Principal Engineering provides reliable energy supply even in regions without grid access.

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Share with us your off-grid ideas, we will help you realise the project.

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